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Ilot Gabriel is quite an exceptional place, less known than its neighbour, Flat Island. Ilot Gabriel is a gem thrown on the open sea extending over an area a little more than 42 hectares. It is situated about 20 kilometres from the north coast of the island.

It can easily be reached by boat or catamaran either from Grand Bay or Pereybere. The trip lasts about three or four hours, the visitor stays for about 5 hours on the islet and the return takes another four hours. The journey depends on the weather and the conditions of the sea.

Many say that a boat ride to the isles is a sort of magical journey that stimulates the senses, the opportunity of tasting the sensation of being surrounded by the blue emerald water and sometimes experiencing the scare of one’s life when faced with mountain high waves. Many are attracted by the lure of a short trip by sea. A stay on the isle is an exciting experience as there reigns a universal peace and tranquility. Life slackens and flows glibly to the pace and rhythm of nature. 

Many crave to reach there as early as possible even before sunrise so as to witness the sunrise vibrant colours that cover the island. It is also well appreciated for the white sandy beach that runs along the eastern side. In the afternoon the return journey is equally tantalising  with the setting sun painting the whole horizon pink ,red, yellow and other eye catching colours .Sometimes shoals of fish rising and falling add to the beauty of the scene. It is really a dream journey.

Gabriel Island possesses a different visage, wild and savage still in a sort of primitive state. Far from the din of barbecues and burnt patches by the wavy scorching sun to the rhythm of sega. The winds and the waves always and incessantly batter that side purely strange and weird. 

The island besides has a lot of merits for the panoramic view that one gets of the surrounding islands from it. Ilot Gabriel is special in the sense that it is full of lush green vegetation and indigenous fauna and flora. According to the NPCS ‘the natural reserve of the island is an islet that has a coastal vegetation typical of sandy dune. A large slice of the island is covered Baume de l’ile  Plate’ Pailles – en – Queue hover continually and Scinques de Bojer run through the rocks like quick silver. The NCPS has made the island accessible to everyone by providing a path that borders the natural reserve facilitating its exploration and discovery. There are ecstatic moments for sensuous pleasures when the sun rises above Round Island and Serpent isle – a lifetime experience with the sun’s rays bathing the whole of that area.

The island offers good opportunities for picnic and camping under canvas with friends and families. Happy and pleasant moments can be spent far from the mad world. The air, the fresh breeze and the utter silence refreshes the mind, tonifies the senses, gives new energy to all the limbs .One returns a new person with new ideas and new vigour. Such is the impact of the isle on tourists and holiday makers. There is nothing to worry about. The ecstatic moments take care of everything. 

One can enjoy blissful sleep hardly disturbed by unwanted dreams. Robbers or petty thefts and burglary become things of the past. There is no time for such drudgery. It is a real paradise in, communion with nature, the fauna and flora and natural objects. However tourists or visitors should refrain from throwing plastic or paper bags, cups or plates or other things that will mar the natural beauty of the isle .They should bring along plastic bags to collect whatever remains or leftovers for the sanctity of the place. Some go as far as to say that a certain divinity presides over the place and that the utmost respect is due to her.

There is no need to say that tourists and visitors throng the place by hundreds and unless proper care is taken pollution and garbage and other eyesores will defile the virginity of the natural space that is so lavishly reserved.

However, there is comfort in the fact that the hidden face of the island is still unpolluted and undefiled. It will soon catch travel agents and promoters’ eyes who will try to commercialise the place and it will thus lose its speciality. Bungalows, hotels, restaurants and tables d’hôte and other facilities will be put in place and it will become common. To admire the hidden side in its natural and savage state gives thrilling pleasures .Sometimes  the precipices , the tiny animals ,the birds and the bees and the howling winds and the roaring waves send chills down the spine.  These are pleasures unfelt before and dwarf  risks and the expenses incurred.

There are certain precautions that need be taken .No hands dipping in rocky holes, no palms or feet placing on corals that may give way and entail direct fall into unfathomed water. Bring along solar cream and tee shirt for the scorching sun affects the skin. A visit or picnic to these islands are value for money.

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