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Our business started back in September 2007 when we saw the growing demand for quality day charter catamaran excursions. We then went on a quest to find a boat yard that could build us a catamaran that would suit our specific requirements. After a lot of research we decided to use Voyage Yachts boat yard located in Cape Town South Africa. In March 2008 Cat Cruiser was launched in Cape Town Harbor and shortly after sailed across to Mauritius to start its day charter operation.

With the continued demand and growth for this sought after tourist activity, we decided to purchase another catamaran in April 2010. Once again we contacted Voyage Yachts to manufacture another day charter catamaran to suit our needs, despite bringing a few practical modifications this new vessel is identical to Cat Cruiser. We named this vessel Island Hopper. Island Hopper was launched in Cape Town harbor in September 2011 and sailed across to Mauritius to start operating end of November 2011.

Island Hopper and Cat Cruiser Launch - Mauritius

Today both Cat Cruiser and Island Hopper provide for different kinds of cruises to suit the growing tourist demand on the island of Mauritius for maritime excursions. The specifically designed and well maintained day charter catamarans operate daily from the renowned Preskil Beach Resort located in the South East of the island.

In 2014 with the increased demand Catamaran Cruises Mauritius decided to offer cruises from other parts of the island. As such we selected only the best operators from the North and West Coast of the island to increase our fleet and offer our clientele the possibility of enjoying the pleasures of sailing from other embarkation points around the island namely from Grand bay and from Black River. The catamarans that were carefully handpicked to join our fleet are named Wind Dancer 1 and Wind Dancer 2 based in the North of the island in Grand bay  and Madiana 2, Madiana 3 and Miss Stress are all three based in Black River on the West Coast of the island.

Today Catamaran Cruises Mauritius offers a variety of cruises for Mauritians and tourists visiting the island. Ranging from the most popular Full day Cruise to Isle aux Cerf’s, Ilot Bénitiers and Ilot Gabriel to the more romantic sunset & wedding cruises which have gained in popularity over the last years. Our sunset and dinner cruises are also very sought after as well as our overnight and live on board cruises which we have recently started to promote. This type of cruise allows the discerning traveler seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to experience the pleasures living onboard of one of our catamarans whilst cruising and discovering the most beautiful settings the island has to offer.

Our main objective from the start of the operation was to provide the very best quality service and vessel for our guests to enjoy and today we are proud of what we have achieved as many of our guest say that cruising with us has been the highlight of their stay on the island. Visit our dedicated Trip Advisor page for Catamaran Cruises Mauritius for fresh reviews about past guest cruising experiences.

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