Live on board of one of our catamarans

The live-aboard principle
A live-aboard is exactly what it says: you live on board of a vessel for a period of time. You eat, sleep, shower and relax on board, alternated by swims, dives or island visits. The moment you join a live-aboard, you check in a floating and movable resort with no options to check out until the end of the trip. This is the beautiful paradox of live-aboard cruises; you like to go to undiscovered, remote and untouched places, but once there, you experience indeed that there is nothing or nobody to run to. Therefore it is not only wise to reflect on destinations and schedules with care, but take your time as well to compare facilities, comfort and services, taking budget into account.

The Catamarans
Madiana 2, Madiana 3 and Mis Stress are boats that are suited for live-aboard experiences in Mauritius. We concentrate primarily on private charters which allows you to actually rent the whole boat including the crew for a certain period of time. Up front we agree upon port of departure and return and we make an itinerary according your wishes, considering season and budget. You travel with your family, friends or company and in consultation with us you might be able to alter schedule and itinerary at the spot. Depending on the number of guests, a private charter could be cheaper per person, than staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel. 

The journey
The moment you arrive at the airport, we will be waiting for you and accompany you to the boat. Once all are aboard and the luggage is stored in the cabins, you will meet crew and get a briefing about boat regulations, safety procedures and get a short impression of the trip to come. Sailing out of the embarkation point you will have time to get settled and check out the boat while enjoying your first drink at sea. 

All pre-scheduled trips have fixed routes and points of anchorage. The proportion of sailing and anchorage depend on the itinerary of course. Most of our catamarans have an average cruising speed between 7-10 knots (1 Knot = 1 Nautical mile/ hour = 1.85 km per hour) in normal weather and current conditions.

During the day you either snorkel, or visit islands. To get you to these spots, the live-aboard use tenders (as well called dinghies). Powered by outboard engines, these tenders are fast, maneuverable and hardly have any draught which makes islands accessible. After the land tour the dinghy will pick you up and escort you back to the catamaran.

Meals are served directly on the plate or in buffet style. You like to join others at a table or eat by yourself at the bowsprit is totally up to you. If you require special food because of medical reasons please let us know in advance so we can make provision and provide this service. At night you can sleep in your cabin or find a place on deck and sleep under the open sky. 

Our live onboard Cruises brings you a varied program of island hopping with visits to traditional villages and houses, different cultures, enjoy local art works, beautiful sceneries, impressive flora and fauna. These day excursions will be alternated by some swimming and snorkeling.

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