Sunset & Dinner Cruise

Romantic Sunset Cruises

Embark on board one of our catamarans located around the island at their respective embarkation points for an unforgettable two hour cruise to watch the sunset and enjoy complimentary beverages and snacks.  Depending on your embarkation point, tides and wind conditions, our sunset cruises will enable you to discover the crystal clear turquoise lagoons of the island or the deep blue waters of the outer reefs of Mauritius, whilst enjoying the sound of the music played by our friendly crew members or simply the sound of wind whilst navigating towards the horizon.

From Preskil Beach Resort discover the actual remains of the shipwreck of the ''Dalbair'' which sank in 1902 on the reef outside Pointe D’esny or cruise towards Ile de la Passe and cross the historical scene where the naval battle of the Old Grand Port took place back in 1810. Or simply set anchor nearby the nature reserve of isle aux aigrettes whilst the sun disappears behind the mountain tops of mainland Mauritius whilst the colours in the sky progressively change from a deep orange to the various colours of the spectrum of the rainbow.

From Grand Bay motor out of the bay and set sail towards Gunners Coin, known in French as “Coin de Mire” and enjoy the sheer pleasures of blue water sailing and indulge in the breathtaking scenery all around. The crew will point out places such as the Royal Palm Hotel, where the rich and famous come to seek 5 star service, peace and tranquility from around the world. Pointe aux Cannoniers “Gunners point” in English, a promontory which housed a French fort built in the 1750’s and the other places of interest such as the beautiful bay of Casita, the public beach of Pereybere. Etc… If you are lucky you might see the green ray which is an optical phenomenon which may be seen shortly after sunset usually on clear days.

From Black River cruise along the coast line towards Tamarin Bay to watch the most beautiful tropical sunsets the island has to offer. If you are lucky you might even come across whales and school of dolphins which are usually more active in the mornings.

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