Catamaran Cruises Mauritius - Ile aux Aigrettes

On the beautiful turquoise waters of the Mauritian lagoons, there exists a small island where man and nature unite towards one same goal…. Recreate a little piece of a long lost paradise.

Facing Preskil Beach Resort, l’Ile aux Aigrettes harbours a small and unique population of rare endemic species of the Mauritian fauna and flora.  Preserved by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation, l’Ile aux Aigrettes was declared natural reserve in 1965.

In addition to the Ebony tree and 20 other endemic plants and species this small island homes the rare Pink Pigeon, the Ornate day Geckos, the giant Aldabra Tortoises and the famous Mauritius Kestrel, the only bird of prey of Mauritius, saved from extinction.  An old cannon and set of old ruins and buildings can also be seen, bearing witness of the French and British presence on the island.

Embark on board any of our catamarans, Cat Cruiser or Island Hopper, for an exhilarating 2 hours sunset cruise towards this nature reserve.  After a short crossing of the magnificent bay of Mahebourg, our catamarans will drop anchor next to the nature reserve for you to enjoy breath-taking sceneries.  You may enjoy snacks and beverages whilst listening to the distant cooing of the inhabitants of this island.


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